Alpha Course

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Must I attend all sessions? 

BKC invites all who want to know more about the Christian faith to the first session, titled Who is Jesus? There’s no follow-up if you don’t want to come back after the first session. Chances are, however, you will be intrigued by what you hear and want to attend other sessions.

  • What happens at each session?

There are two parts to the online sessions. In the first part, you watch a video giving overviews of topics (like who is Jesus), with all Alpha participants (about half an hour). After that, you break into small breakout groups to ask questions, give your views and hear the answers (about 40 minutes or more, depending on the questions). Or, you can take it all in silently. No questions asked of you.

  • Must I pay to attend?

No, Alpha is free of charge. 

  • What if I have other questions pre-joining?

No worries. Please sign up with your question and an Alpha Online coordinator will be in touch.

  • How do I attend the online meetings?
  • When you sign up and provide your name, email and contact number, we will inform you a few days before the event on the zoom access link code. You can come to the online meeting about 15 minutes before the scheduled time.