No Physical Service on 19 and 26 Sep 2021

Word from Chairman

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

On Thursday, 16 September, afternoon, the church office was notified that one of our stayers in 160C had tested positive for Covid-19. We have informed the relevant authorities and taken the necessary precautions to manage the situation appropriately. The infected stayer was transferred to a quarantine facility earlier today at 11.30am and the MOH has advised us that the rest of the stayers will also be issued a quarantine order and transferred to a quarantine facility soon. All the stayers have been fully vaccinated and are currently showing no symptoms. We are waiting for further instructions from the MOH on their transfer even as we take the additional safety measures.

We have further ascertained that there has been limited contact between our church staff and the infected stayer. Nonetheless, we have also taken the necessary precautions to protect the affected staff and to limit any further possible spread of the infection. The staff are also fully vaccinated and currently show no symptoms, with recent negative ART results. They have been exempted from quarantine by the MOH thus far.

Given this development, the Council has met and agreed that, out of an abundance of caution, all of our church services (and ministry meetings) will be moved to a fully digital/Zoom basis from this Sunday, September 19, for the next 2 weeks. There will be no physical service this Sunday, so please do not come to church to worship, but do join the service digitally via Zoom. We regret the short notice, and more information will be provided in a special announcement during the Sunday service.

Thank you.
T C Khoo, on behalf of the Council