St Luke’s Hospital Fund Raising Campaign – Post A Silver Hair Selfie

As Singapore’s population ages, St Luke’s Hospital (SLH) continues its vision in Transforming Community Care, with several upstream community health projects in addition to inpatient care and continued post-discharge care for seniors and the frail. In 2021, #GoSilverSG was launched to (1) to celebrate positive ageing amongst our seniors and (2) raise funds for our patients to receive necessary and appropriate care treatments so that they could reintegrate back to their families. This year, SLH would like to invite us to support us once again for #GoSilverSG, which will run from 1 – 31 July 2022. We can help by “Posting A Silver Hair Selfie”

  • Access the filter via tab on @SLHSGP Instagram page. Post your selfie on Facebook / Instagram and tag #GoSilverSG @SLHSGP.
  • Each public post raises funds for St Luke’s Hospital, funded by corporate sponsors.

Videos YouTube video guide on how to use the Instagram silver hair filter:  

#GoSilverSG 2022 Promo Video:  Find out more about GoSilver and also how to donate from the QR code below. Click here for the Mandarin media link.